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By Aamer Rahman

Community leaders in Australia have expressed dismay at the number of young Australians seeking to join campaigns of terror overseas.

In a chilling video, radical hate preacher Tony Abbott recently unveiled his plans to send up to 600 fighters to take part in a further…

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"It’s as if we’re demanding a pernicious, industrial-scale ignorance. As if we’re proud of it. We’ll tell these women what their clothing signifies. We’ll tell them why they wear it. We’ll even rename it for them if we want. These women will be deconstructed and reconstructed at our will, and without their involvement. These are the terms of the debate and the most influential voices will be the most ignorant."

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First Dog on the Moon on counter-terror laws

First Dog on the Moon on counter-terror laws

(Source: theguardian.com)

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The last words said by Black youth murdered by policemen. 

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Most people would never dream of touting around the dismembered bodies of White American and European kids after a mass shooting. Did you see that for Virginia Tech students? How about Columbine? Perhaps Newton?

Why? Because there’s reverence for their privacy and sympathy is innately felt,…

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The most powerful oppressor is not the one who can kill, but the one who can convince the world that the oppressed deserves their oppression.

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